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The 21st Annual Earth Day Eco-Fair

The St. Croix Environmental Association has coordinated the annual Eco-Fair for St. Croix students for 21 years now!!  This year was another fantastic success.  Check out all the exciting things the island’s 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders learned last week at the St. George Village Botanical Garden.

Students play a game and can recite the roles of major players in climate science: sun, earth, atmosphere, and greenhouse gases!


Students learn about alternative forms of energy:


Students find out what the St. Croix East End Marine Park has to offer:


Students learn about the dangers of indoor air pollution and how houseplants can help clean and freshen our indoor air!


Want to know how to play that cool climate game?  Click Better climate change game.   For more information about the St. Croix Environmental Association, visit their website and Facebook page.  For more information on our beautiful venue, see the St. George Village Botanical Garden in person, on the web, and on Facebook.

How did you celebrate Earth Day?




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