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20th Annual Eco-Fair!

Litter Stomp

Sixth grade students join in the Litter Stomp to stomp out litter!!

Last month was a most exciting and fun Eco-Fair at the St. George Village Botanical Garden!!  With the attendance of 852 of the island’s finest 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders, Eco-Fair was a definite success!!

Special thanks to Eco-Fair coordinator Lynnea Roberts at the St. Croix Environmental Association.  Without her work and persistent fund-raising this and past Eco-Fairs wouldn’t have happened!

Alternative EnergySpecial applaud to the important Eco-Fair sponsors:

TibbaR Energy, VI Water and Power Authority (WAPA), Solar Delivered, Seven Seas Water, Energy Systems Group, Quality Electric, and Eco Innovations.

Alternative Energy SourcesWe must give mention to all thirty Participating Agencies; without them there’d be no booths for the children to visit.   Each agency tirelessly develops new activities each year, arrives early at the Garden to set up, and finishes beyond a normal lunch hour.  The agencies that give everything they’ve got for two days really deserve a special commendation.

Many, many thanks to the illustrious Jan Hart who ran the Sing n Tings Tent again this year.  Her tent is the kids’ all-around favorite and she often has individual and small-group vocalists help lead the group sing-alongs.


We are all thankful for a job well-done and can hardly wait to discover next year’s theme so we can find exciting, fun, and educational activities for these students again!



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