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84 Second Graders Visit Salt River National Historic Park & Ecological Preserve

Wednesday November 28 was a momentous day for 84 second grade students on St. Croix as they visited Salt River  National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve.  Each student visited three different stations to learn about our beautiful natural world.

Second graders explore the beach and discuss their findings with Marcia Taylor from UVIMAS.

Second grade students from Randolph Lockhart Christian School, Lew Muckle Elementary School, The Good Hope School and Country Day Schools attended. This event was organized by the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA), and VINE members led the hands-on activity stations.

Sifting sand to discover its makeup at Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve

Stations included a Mangrove Exploration with the National Park Service’s Benito Vegas and Jenn Travis, a Seashore Investigation with Marcia Taylor from UVI’s Marine Advisory Service, a Marine Organism Inquiry with Will Coles from DPNR Fish & Wildlife Division, Sea Turtle Nesting Analysis from The Nature Conservancy’s Dan Steinberg and Chris Gomon, Sand Sifting Activity from St. Croix Environmental Association’s community volunteer Diane Koehnk, and of course  a Wonderful Wetland Weigh In with Migdalia Roach and Jose Sanchez from DPNR’s St. Croix East End Marine Park.  Lynnea Roberts from SEA is the event’s all-time awesome coordinator; she made sure each student had a great, educational time!

An Aquascope provides clear view into the water for this second grade student.

VINE’s goal is to get every second grade student on island at a Field Day.  If you’d like your second grade student to be involved in the next Field Day (at Salt River NHPEP, Sandy Point NWR, or Southgate Coastal Reserve), please call Lynnea Roberts at SEA at 340-773-1989.


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