Clean Air Saves Lives

Air pollution can make us all sick. It can cause burning eyes and nose and itchy throats as well as troubled breathing. The effects are even more a health concern for children, older adults and persons with asthma.

Another source of air pollution is indoor air. Did you know that indoor air quality can be worse than the air outside, where wide open spaces and continuous breezes tend to diffuse pollution, the inside of a home is a closed-in space that gathers pollutants and holds them in. Even when you open windows and have a well-ventilated home, pollutants tend to linger and overtime can cause respiratory problems.

Typical Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants

Building Equipment Components Furnishings Other Potential Indoor Sources
Mold growth in drip pans, ductwork, coils and humidifiers Mold growth on or in soiled or water damaged materials Emissions from new furnishings and floorings Science laboratory supplies


Emissions from trash

Improper venting of combustion products Materials containing VOC, inorganic compounds or damaged asbestos   Dry erase markers and similar pens

Insects and other pest

Dust or debris in ductwork Material that produce particles (dust)   Personal care products

Stored gasoline and lawn garden equipment


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