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Insectigations at the Garden

Another rainy October has arrived, and with it another monthly Second Saturday workshop at the St. George Village Botanical Garden.  This time, families who attended the workshop learned about the wonderful world of insects.

The children learned more about the beneficial members of the Insecta families and how important they are to not only plant life but our everyday lives as well. The kids, parents, and I braved the drizzle to discover the secret world of ants and their love for marshmallows;

the voracious appetite of Pseudosphinx tetrio caterpillars on frangipani leaves;

and insects who live their lives striding over pond water.

Using the “Insect Safari” sheets, participants searched for crawling, flying, and creeping critters that call the garden home from paper wasps to ladybugs.  When we returned inside after a sudden downpour, the kids had the opportunity to put their newfound insect knowledge to work and create their own insect models out of foam, paint, paper, toothpicks, and other crafts material to make buggy souvenirs. 

Second Saturday is a monthly workshop that takes place in the Visitor’s Center of the St. George Village Botanical Garden. Family friendly and lots of fun, these workshops strive to introduce children to the garden, as well as nature, history, and science locally and globally through hands-on efforts and memorable experiences.

If you’d like more information or to find out about upcoming workshops, don’t hesitate to e-mail:; call: 340.692.2874; or visit:



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