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Coastweeks clear several St. Croix beaches and bays

Coastweeks is an annual event that is part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup.  Each year hundreds of thousands of people around the world volunteer their time to clean the marine environment through beach and underwater cleanups. 

Coastweeks is now in full swing with several cleanups completed and many more planned.  In the VI, Coastweeks starts in September and goes through October.

UVI VIMAS’ Marcia Taylor gives direction to Complex High School students at the Coastweeks cleanup at the Frederiksted Pier.

On St. Croix there have been several cleanups and there are more to come.  On September 15–the kickoff of Coastweeks–about 30 students from the Educational Complex cleaned Dorsch Beach and about 50 from Good Hope School cleaned Columbus Landing.  The next day there was a cleanup of the underwater area around the Frederiksted Pier where 32 CRABBS divers assisted by about 30 Educational Complex students pulled out over 20 bags of trash, lots of fishing line, several tires, and many large pieces of debris.

Complex students assist CRABBS underwater cleanup team by pulling debris onto the Frederiksted Pier and categorizing it according to the International Coastal Cleanup data sheet.

Other Coastweeks cleanups include a cleanup at Southgate Reserve, one at Jack’s and Isaac’s Bays, and Half Penny Beach.  Later this month there will be an underwater and land cleanup around Hotel on the Cay and Buck Island, and land cleanups at Dorsch Beach, Kathy’s Fancy area and the Gallow’s Bay areas.

Each year in the VI about 1000 people participate in Coastweeks, which is organized by UVI’s VIMAS program.

VIMAS is a marine outreach program whose mission is the wise use and development of our marine resources.  The program is funded by the federal Sea Grant program through the University of Puerto Rico and the University of the Virgin Islands.

For more information on VIMAS or Coastweeks call Marcia Taylor at 692-4046.

Complex students categorize debris from the CRABBS underwater cleanup team at the Frederiksted Pier.


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