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October is Energy Awareness Month

This month has been set aside for residents, energy vendors, students, and the Virgin Islands Energy Office to recognize the significance of energy conservation. The celebration of Energy Awareness Month, both territorially and nationally, promotes awareness of energy issues, appliance efficiency, environmental protection, and practical sources of renewable energy.

Throughout the month, the Energy Office will conduct a public awareness campaign to provide information to low-income residents about its weatherization program — through outreaches, door-to-door visits in various neighborhoods, and newspaper advertisements.

The Energy Office has also planned seminars on energy efficiency at the Small Hotel conferences scheduled for October 10 and 12, and will host, along with WAPA and the EPA, Energy Star Days on St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix.

Representatives of the Energy Office will distribute energy conservation and other important information at the Mon Bijou Community Center Grand Opening, and will make presentations at Rotary Clubs and the American Legion in October in both districts.

How will you celebrate Energy Awareness Month? Did you know the rebates on solar panels have been reinstated? Would you install them on your house?


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