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Science and Technology Career Fair at Complex

This week is crazy!  Our May meeting took place on National Park Service property just beyond Judith’s Fancy.  We walked through a stand of native vegetation to arrive at a beautiful, but buggy, area where every tiny tree and vine has been tagged and numbered.  This area is being monitored every ten years by a team from south Florida.

State Historic Preservation Officer Brooke Persons talks about jobs dealing with historic artifacts.

Complex students learn about jobs in the National Wildlife Refuge Systems

Fourteen agencies represented science and technology careers available to local students today at St. Croix Educational Complex!  In attendance were several DPNR representatives: St. Croix East End Marine Park, Coastal Zone Management, Department of Environmental Protection (Air Pollution Control, Solid Waste, Nonpoint Source Pollution and Permits), State Historic Preservation Office, and Department of Fish and Wildlife; as well as The Nature Conservancy, Seven Seas Water Corporation, VI Geographic Consulting, VI Waste Management Authority, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge System, the National Park Service, and the St. Croix Environmental Association.

Special thanks go to Complex HS and Ann Marie Gibbs for having us all and to the nearly 300 students participating!  In addition, Lynnea Roberts at the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA) coordinated the event and stepped away from her booth to take photos!

Bio techs at VI Geographic Consulting share information about sea turtle patrols with high school students.

Later this week, VINE members are checking out a new underwater snorkel trail north of Rainbow Beach in anticipation of REEF JAM!   Reef Jam promises to be tons of fun and reef-tacular exciting reeftivities on Sunday May 27 at Rhythms at Rainbow Beach from 1pm to 10pm.  Read more about this event at!

Local kids learn to snorkel at Southgate Coastal Reserve.

We’ll end the week with a FREE public snorkel clinic at Southgate Coastal Reserve on Saturday (May 19) from 10am to noon.  You should join us!  This event is coordinated by SEA and is sponsored by Reef Jam.  Call 773-1989 for more information.

Kids learn about cool underwater organisms at free public snorkel clinic at Southgate Coastal Reserve!

Folks preparing for a fun snorkel clinic at Southgate Coastal Reserve


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