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April VINE Meeting

Yesterday’s VINE meeting was so much fun!

Monday April 2 at SEA’s Southgate Coastal Reserve a few of the St. Croix VINE members met for our monthly meeting.  In addition to the always-on-the-schedule-fiduciary and environmental melee, we had a most exciting tour of the Southgate Coastal Reserve’s trails!!  Carol Cramer-Burke from the St. Croix Environmental Association led attending members through the muddy wetlands, the drier upland forest and onto the trails where the Sierra Club recently cleared.  We learned about the native plant restoration taking place–the fiddlewoods and black olives were gorgeous–and saw the awesome new interpretive signs funded in part by the VI Department of Agriculture’s Urban and Community Forestry Program Grants.  We all shared some great ideas about future funding opportunities and activities we could envision leading out there.

Back on the beach, the usual meeting ensued, but it was more fun when preceded by a muddy, wet walk around the Reserve!  It was a most beautiful day on the water and several members jumped in to enjoy the clear waters of Chenay Bay afterward.

We’d love to hear from you.  Did you know about the trails at Southgate?  Have you checked them out yet?  Do you have experience building and maintaining interpretive signs in the tropics?


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