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Field Day at Southgate Coastal Reserve

Students from AZ Academy, The Manor School, Randolph Lockhart Christian School, and the home school community visited the Southgate Coastal Reserve on Friday, March 16th for a morning of hands-on exploration in the wetlands and coastal habitat.

VINE members led activities for the Kindergarten through 2nd graders – beach scavenger hunt, turtle nesting relay race, Take it or Leave it? (Leave Paradise in its Place game), and investigated pond critters from a sample. 3rd and 4th graders role played being a turtle scientist when they tagged, measured, and observed the nest of a life-size hawksbill sea turtle constructed by the National Park Service. These students also participated in a beach scavenger hunt led by St. Croix East End Marine Park (STXEEMP) staff and explored the wetland pond by wading and catching invertebrates and minnows, which was led by the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA).  Also led by SEA, 5th and 6th graders hiked into the wetland to go birdwatching and then worked with UVI Marine Advisory Services to explore coastal plants, shells, and other natural artifacts. Middle school and high school students hiked through the wetlands with STXEEMP staff to learn about the watershed, mangroves & other wetland vegetation, and invertebrates (lots of crabs). These students also did a beach seine with Mr. Toby Tobias – students got a close look at the fish inhabiting the Southgate waters. A total of 80 students participated in the activities. It was a fun day for all!

One of the attending homeschool families even blogged about the day!! Visit her page at!


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